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Measurement of Noise
   Your acoustic expert in Rouen, Normandy

We work in Normandy (76, 27) and in all regions of France to control your sound environment and advise on solutions to implement:
  • In companies (noise of use of buildings and equipments), noise of deliveries, noise of construction...)
  • in public or private places (neighborhood noise, road, rail or air traffic, road maintenance, activities or leisure events, nightclub...)
  • In construction or renovation projects

   Health and safety
As part of the prevention of risks related to noise, it is necessary to identify the sources of noise and measure the level of perceived noise.

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   Noise in environment
We realize studies of the noise in environment, as the use of a new industrial machine, the construction of a new road, the construction of a new building...
Our simulation tools allow us to compute noise maps, to see the effects of the modification of a noise source, to design acoustic solutions.

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