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   Characterization of dynamic properties
Give us your characterization tests of  the  dynamic modulus and  the  loss factor   of your materials ( elastomers, polymers, plastics , composites, bio-based materials... ) . From some samples of your material , we perform tests for:
  • temperatures between -50°C and +150°C
  • frequencies between 1 Hz and a few hundreds of Hz
Want to know the viscoelastic behavior at higher frequencies ? We determine  it by  the principle  of the  frequency / temperature equivalence (WLF law) with our  in-house  tools developed and based on the experience of more than ten years .

   DMA and Oberst facilities

We use a DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer) and an equipment dedicated to the test of Oberst beams. Tests are done in a climatic chamber. The Oberst method leads to measure the composite damping of materials. We can also determine the intrinsic properties (dynamic modulus and loss factor) of the tested viscoelastic material by the use of the RKU theory.
   Validation of damping systems
Using our mobile acquisition system, we can perform tests to validate your damping  solutions  by comparing the dynamic behavior of structures before and after treatment . By modal identification techniques , we are able to extract the damping factors of eigenmodes for a detailed analysis of the results.