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Vibration Simulation
   Dynamic stress analysis
We are increasingly asked to validate product design  by  calculation according to the specifications of vibration transmission and vibration conditions. Manufacturers have integrated the vibrations could drastically reduce the life of their products, in the presence of significant resonances . To increase the life of the product , we  build  models   in operating conditions,  we  compute stresses, excitation spectra and acceleration. We recommend design improvements if necessary .

   Vibration reduction

We help our customers to reduce vibration using two main  design  levers of stiffness and damping . Our approach is to analyze the system (calculation of natural frequencies and mode shapes) , to determine the transfer  path  of the vibrational energy, then   to choose technologies and settlement areas  of  antivibration solutions. We rely on our expertise in viscoelastic materials for sizing efficient and robust damping solutions.