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Acoustic Simulation
   Air borne noise
We carry acoustic simulations  with  Code_Aster or Actran when fine modeling of acoustic materials  is  required. We can study the eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes of cavities or pipe modes, the acoustic propagation in an exhaust line or the sound attenuation of an insulation treatment.

   Structure borne noise

We perform fluid-structure  coupled simulations  in order to predict the noise levels generated by the vibration of a structure or vibrational levels of a structure subjected to acoustic loading. Such calculations allow us to master resonances of coupled systems.
   Aeroacoustic noise
In partnership with AeroConcept Engineering ( ACE) , we offer services of computing noise of aerodynamic origin . Because ACE is expert in fluid mechanics and we are experts in acoustics, our partnership is a guarantee of quality and rigor for our customers. Below is a video of the propagation of sound sources generated by turbulence around a car  side  mirror .